We love our work.  We create change.  We focus on results.


  • We offer a provenly productive way for charitable organizations to activate their unique mission.


  • We help these organizations grow their monthly giving through regular and accessible contributions (R.A.C.).


  • We create change one conversation at a time inspiring the next generation of donors to engage with the social responsibility of fiscal stewardship (a.k.a. monthly giving).







Face-to-Face Fundraising

Talkfest, LLC. is a face-to-face fundraising agency providing exceptional results to our nonprofit 

partners.  We are experts in monthly donor recruitment. 

As top U.S. fundraising entrepreneurs we are intimately familiar with our home turf in the USA.

Human Resources

We provide a full-service human resource consultancy offering 

strategic HR solutions.

We support global success for face-to-face fundraising campaigns

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